MICRPlus, software that provides a bank with easy and straight forward access to produce all of your MICR documents on-site. From Cashier checks to MICR forms to personal and business checks. MICRPlus requires no special equipment to operate and print. It is adaptable to any existing PC which operates in Windows. The check production system uses your existing laser print outfitted with MICR toner.

By empowering your employees to print checks and forms on-site, you will eliminate the cost of warehousing and volume printing. Importantly, you will benefit from working faster without sacrificing quality. The technology of having the ability to handle your MICR document production on-site will save you time and money.

MICRPlus has a variety of features which allows you to work seamlessly with other applications you may be using. The import function can import check files from all core software in order to print Expense checks and Interest checks. In fact, MICRPlus gives you automatic OFAC scans as well as the ability to export data for BSA reporting.
On-Site Control
Save Money
Print Checks
OFAC scan
Import Checks
Administer Security
Navigate Easy
Record Bank Transactions
Generate Audit Reports
Export BSA Data